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Mediniq is one of the best Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Centers in Chennai. We are also the best Sleep Disorder Clinic in Chennai. We have all ranges of products that will be helpful for sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea will occur during inhalation when a sound is made by the Uvula and soft palate. This happens when a patient is sleeping and because of the way the throat muscles relax. Snoring comes from the mouth, it is made worse with nasal obstruction as this will restricts the inward airflow. If the oral cavity is small or crowded then it means that a patient is at risk, and even if their palate and uvula are long, or if the patient is obese or has large tonsils.

The throat will usually close in sleep, and this depends on the amount of redundant tissue, preferably than just reverberate with snoring. The oxygen level falls into sleep apnea. This will affect the lungs and hearts and even it will make heart arrhythmias. To get the test and treatment you have Sleep Blizz Sleep Apnea Diagnostic Center in Chennai.

The assessment of snoring related to sleep apnea begins with a complete Otolaryngology of the neck and head examined with a focus on the digestive tract and upper airway. Generally, it is recommended to get a sleep study, that will give a definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea a measure of its strength.

Reasons for Sleep Apnea:

In today’s busy life most of us will experience a problem in sleeping at one time or another. This happens due to illness, stress, temporary interruptions to your daily routine or travel. But if you find your sleep problem is becoming regular then it is possible that you might be suffering from a sleep disorder.

About Sleep Apnea:

Sleep Apnea is a disorder in your sleep is a condition where your ability will get less quality sleep and it will be lost. It is usual to experience random difficulties in sleeping, but generally, it’s not normal to regularly experience the problem of getting to sleep at night, and later feel exhausted after waking up, and even feeling sleepy during the day and feel groggy.

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