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    For any buying process, the pricing will be the most confusing thing anyone would face. So here for Oxygen Concentrator Price, we have created an overview to help the customers navigate and understand the marketplace better.

    Overview of oxygen concentrators:

    There are two main types of oxygen concentrators: they are:  

    • Home Concentrators
    • Portable Concentrators

    Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

    portable oxygen concentrators are intended to furnish patients with expanded portability outside of the home. Some of these units work in PULSE just mode (oxygen is conveyed in beat dosages activated by taking in) and some work in BOTH heartbeat and consistent LPM stream. These units all work through the battery, AC Power and DC control (connect to an auto cigarette lighter). The units from the significant makers are likewise all affirmed for plane travel. The PULSE just machines commonly weigh between 7 to 10 pounds and the machines that work under both PULSE and CONTINUOUS stream weigh between 15 to 17 pounds. The most extreme LPM stream for any accessible versatile concentrator is 3 LPM.

    Portable Concentrators contains Concentrator, manual, AC charger, DC charger, one or more batteries, cart, carrying case, manual and manufacturer’s warranty (warranties will vary with the supplier and the purchase price).

    Home Oxygen Concentrators Price:

    Home oxygen concentrators are units that dwell inside the home or medicinal office. They are regularly consistent stream machines (convey oxygen at a nonstop stream measured in litres every moment) and the patient has portability by means of a 50-foot tube/cannula. These units are regularly assembled by their litre every moment stream of oxygen (3 LPM, 5 LPM, 7 LPM, 10 LPM, 15 LPM). These units regularly weigh between 30 to 50 pounds and work under AC control.

    The value fluctuation for any item will change significantly in light of where it is acquired and the nature of the help you will get. Every producer has set up a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. This is the value that the makers have set up as their prescribed cost. Numerous little or neighborhood suppliers will offer the item at this cost. What is incorporated at this cost will fluctuate somewhat, however commonly it will incorporate the accompanying:

    Home Concentrators contains Concentrator, manual, cannula and manufacturer’s warranty (warranty will vary with the supplier and the purchase price). While the manufacturers allow a distributor or a retailer all the time to sell a product at any price they desire, many requests that suppliers ONLY publish on their Internet sites the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). The MSRP or MAP price is not typically the genuine selling price, so it is important to call or e-mail the retailer.

    List of the oxygen concentrator Price on Internet:

    Home Oxygen Concentrator Price (5 LPM)

    • $1500 – $2200
    • $650 – $900
    • $200 – $500

    Home Oxygen Concentrator Price  (10 LPM)

    • $1500 – $2500
    • $1000 – $1500
    • $400 – 800

    Portable Oxygen Concentrator Price

    • $3995 – $4495
    • $1800 – $2800
    • $1500 – $2000

    As should be obvious there is critical variety in value, it pays to search around. oxygen concentrator price Costs will likewise differ as providers endeavor to move stock. It is constantly vital when contrasting items with ensuring you are looking at “one type to its logical counterpart,” as the models, guarantee, and support will change extraordinarily.