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Oxygen cylinder for rent in Bangalore 

Portable oxygen cylinder on rent in Bangalore available with Mediniq. Buy an oxygen cylinder at the best price. Home delivery of oxygen cylinders is available. Contact Mediniq today. 

Product Description

An oxygen cylinder is a medical oxygen storage vessel, held under pressure in the cylinders. The medical oxygen tanks are available in various sizes viz. 5 liters, 10 liters, and 50 liters.  On request, Mediniq provides an oxygen stand which will help in easy transportation.​

Medical oxygen is the oxygen that is supplied to hospitals, patient homes, clinics, and nursing homes at affordable prices. We visit home and set up completely and provide assistance. We also provide refilling services to our patients.


Features:Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Rent in Bangalore

  • Seamless Oxygen Cylinder
  • Portable Cylinder & Aerosol Can
  • Breathe Oxygen & Instant relief
  • High purity of gases
  • Safe & Easy to use


  • Get low pressure/high pressure
  • Aluminum Portable Cylinders
  • Suitable for various medical purposes
  • From 0.495 LTR to 200 LTR
  • Cylinder with Bag for easy carry

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