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    • CPAP Machine is like a mask, where CPAP masks offer much more variety of available options including CPAP, Auto Adjusting CPAP(APAP) and BiPAP machines.
    • CPAPs are the most common types which will blow a single pressure airstream.
    • APAPs will blow variable pressure stream depend on minimal pressure which has to keep airways open.
    • BIPAPs will blow two separate pressure one for inhalation and another one for exhalation.
    • CPAP Machines provide more advanced data to track therapy progress and performance over time.
    • By this process you and your doctor can know the data and make changes in setup, to increase or decrease pressure and changing masks for therapy performance to improve and ensure for getting effective treatment for our body.
    • We can use CPAP Machine compare charts to determine which machines provide advanced data.

    What Are The Different Types Of CPAP Machines:

    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP):

    CPAP Machines are first and best air pressure machine that which used to treat your sleep apnea. This therapy works by delivering pressurised air through your airway in order to keep open when you sleep. This helps to eliminate the instances of apneas.where your airways will close and stop breathing.

    CPAP machines have one pressure prescribed by the doctor that helps the machine to run full night.

    Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure(BiPAP):

    BiPAP Machines are considered as a setup from traditional CPAP machines. They are able to toggle between two separate pressure to give more comfort to the user.

    These pressure settings will set to inhalation and exhalation pressure. With lower and higher settings in it. By this way many users report that they are more comfortable with this machine because it offers an easier time exhaling, to feel more comfortable with them.

    Auto-adjusting CPAP(APAP):

    APAP Machines are the most sophisticated form of CPAP treatment and often reserved for patients with severe sleep apnea. These machines are able to automatically register the amount of pressure needed to keep the airway open, unlike CPAP and BiPAP machines, even it will adjust breath by breath if necessary. Because with this ability, these machines even capable of adjusting your pressure based on sleeping position.any weight gain or loss, things like alcohol consumption that could affect how you breathing.

    CPAP Machine Manufacturers:

    One of the most important choices to make is to get a quality machine .you want to make sure that machine you purchase will work efficiently and constantly whole night every day. Nowadays there are many manufacturers of CPAP machines.

    You need to choose a CPAP machine which made by one of the top manufacturers.

    The two companies which are leading from past couple of decades are Philips respironics and Resmed.they both are the leading companies manufacturing CPAP machines from (Respironics 1976)and (Resmed 1989)both consistently put out high-quality CPAP machines and accessories.

    Other reputable CPAP machine manufacturers are: Devilbiss, Puritan Bennett, Fisher & Paykel, and Aeiomed.