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    Mediniq Healthcare Pvt Ltd is providing you with the best and latest medical equipment from the world’s most trusted brand. We are multi-brand in one company with round the clock services; we also give discounts on the medical equipments. We are well known for providing the CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea; we are an authorised dealer of the world class brands of CPAP like DeVilbiss, Philips, Inogen and AirSep available for sale, rent and trail purpose. We also have a professional team of Doctors, Nurses, Bio-medical Engineers and MBA’s to fulfil the needs of the customers.

    The CPAP Shop spends significant time in sleep apnea hardware, supplies and data for individuals who may have or are determined to have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) and endorsed CPAP treatment as treatment. The CPAP Shop is centered around giving sleep treatment and CPAP gear to help ease the effect of sleep apnea. We additionally offer oxygen treatment gear on the grounds that many individuals with sleep apnea likewise require oxygen substitution.

    A large number of individuals experience the ill effects of OSA which happens when the muscles of the throat crumple and piece wind current amid rest. This makes the individual intuitively wake themselves many times each night. By and large the individual with sleep apnea never gets the recuperating and helpful advantages of profound rest since they are continually stirred because of oxygen hardship of the cerebrum. The most perceived and powerful treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP treatment.

    A CPAP machine blows pressurized air through the aviation route by means of a veil and tube associated with the machine. The pneumatic force is set particularly for every patient’s necessities with a specific end goal to keep the aviation route open. The sleep apnea machine is the put stock in treatment for both focal and obstructive sleep apnea.

    More than 3 million individuals in the US are determined to have sleep apnea every year and keeping in mind that it is most basic in more established grown-ups and those who are overweight, the malady can influence all ages and individuals of ordinary weight too. In instances of mellow sleep apnea, the events of apneas diminish with weight reduction, thinking about one’s side, and ceasing from drinking liquor before going to sleep. Be that as it may, sleep apnea machines and treatment are essential as the negative effect from consistent lack of sleep can be everything from the absence of center to diabetes and even stroke and demise.

    CPAP Machines

    CPAP is the prescribed type of treatment for those people who experience the ill effects of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). It is additionally valuable for people who have attempted every single other treatment for their wheezing however without progress.

    An assortment of settled weight and programmed CPAP machines are accessible from us.

    The CPAP machines we stock are all peaceful in operation. The sound levels extend from 26 db to 30 db. This is not as much as the surrounding sound level of a normal room during the evening. In this manner, the CPAPs are quiet in the normal room. A supporting letter from your specialist is required before we can supply any CPAP unit. CPAP units are valued barring VAT. The exception can apply by and large.

    Automatic CPAP Machines:

    Automatic CPAP machines will change the weight for you as the night progressed. There are many advantages of a programmed machine. It detects wheezing sounds, hypopnoeas, and apnoeas, and builds the weight to check them. At the point when the perfect weight has been achieved, it will be kept up for some time. At that point, the weight will gradually lessen until the point when the unit detects an occasion that will require an expansion in weight once more. Along these lines, the unit conveys only the appropriate measure of weight constantly.

    Fixed Pressure Machines:

    Dissimilar to Automatic machines, settled weight machines don’t react to occasions yet just blow air at the endorsed weight to which they have been set.


    A humidifier adds warmth and dampness to the air and lessens understanding dryness in the nose and throat. By enhancing solace, it advances understanding consistency with CPAP treatment. Not all makes of CPAP have warmed humidifiers in their range.

    Battery Use:

    With a discretionary DC control connector, you can utilize any of our CPAPs from a stogie lighter attachment in an auto, troop or vessel. With a compact lithium particle battery pack, all
    rel=”nofollow” CPAP machines we stock can be utilized on a plane or when all over the place. (The humidifier, if fitted, must be turned off).

    CPAP Clinic :

    Utilizing CPAP can be a major change. We have known individuals who have attempted to utilize CPAP treatment yet for some reason have surrendered. It can require investment to locate the best CPAP gear and settings to suit your necessities, particularly with regards to finding the correct veil and getting the best cover fitting. Regardless of whether you are a long-term CPAP client or an amateur, we can offer you guidance and support at our CPAP Clinic.