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    CPAP machine provides a constant flow of pushing air through a CPAP mask. It is used to prevent the air from crumble and causing apnea to the patient. When you buy a new machine follow the prescription or instruction given in the list and adjust the pressure settings of the machine according to the prescription.

    Latest new model CPAP machines contains auto manual adjusting technique which are more convenient, natural and comfortable in using (i.e providing the necessary pressure when it is needed). CPAP Auto adjusting machines have the ability to provide the amount of pressure to keep your airway open it provides an breath by breathe basis, increasing the pressure when it is low and it also decrease the pressure when it is high and it also reduce the pressure during your exhale and it increase your comfort. Flow rounding technology offers six pressure transition of customized therapy, and it is in built heated humidifier and it reduces the side effects of CPAP i.e dry mouth, sore throat and dry nasal passages, It also allow you to track your sleep with the help of intellipap code report. Based on this report your doctor may calculate or monitor your treatment collected in 1-day, 7-day, 30-day, and 90-day increments if it’s necessary you can make adjustments.

    Features of auto manual CPAP machines:

    • Low cost.
    • This machine is simple to use.
    • Reduce pressure during your exhale
    • It increases your comfort.

    Fixed pressure: It does not respond to events but it simply blow air at the prescribed pressure to which they have set.

    Humidifier: It adds warmth and moisture to the air and decrease the patient’s the nose and throat  dryness by providing comfort it helps in promoting patients compliance with CPAP treatment .Not all CPAP machines have heated humidifiers.

    Battery Use: With a discretionary DC control connector, you can utilize any of our CPAPs from a stogie lighter attachment in an auto, band or watercraft. With a convenient lithium particle battery pack, all CPAP machines we stock can be utilized on a plane or when all over the place. (The humidifier, if fitted, must be turn

    Over the previous year there have been many developments in technology of CPAP machines by leading companies like ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel, devilbiss etc

    ResMed: It is a airsense 10 autoset CPAP and includes heated humidifier and it is a latest top rated machine. It is a top notch auto-changing gadget for treating rest apnea. It naturally modifies weight levels to fit your changing needs to guarantee you’re getting the most reduced weight vital the feature of this machine is ease to use, and it is ease of identifying or finding with the therapy, and comfort, Integrated humidifier, built in wireless communications and it is more connected to your sleep apnea.

    • Integrated Humidification: With the Climate Control’s improved Auto choice, essentially append the ClimateLineAir warmed tube and press begin on your CPAP machine to get a definitive in treatment comfort.
    • Connected Care: ResMed’s new cloud-based administration framework called AirView. AirView offers the ability to change the gadget settings and investigate remotely.
    • AutoRamp: It operates by delivering a low pressure to help you fall asleep with ease. When it identifies your dozing
    • Ambient Light: It adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the amount of light in your room.

    Philips: DreamStation offers a smooth, low-profile outline. Its dynamic shading screen shows day by day advance and components simple to-utilize menus. Dream Station’s top-mounted humidifier hose swivel (when utilizing the warmed humidifier) and front-confronting show make it simple for patients to work while resting or sitting up in bed. What’s more, it’s little and light, making it simple to pack for travel.

    • EZ-Start’s: It is programmed, customised changes in accordance with CPAP weight can help patients slowly adjust to their endorsed level of treatment.
    • Automatic Pressure:  It is an excellent auto-modifying gadget for the treatment of sleep apnea. It consequently alters weight levels to fit your changing needs to guarantee you’re getting the least weight important.


    • Advanced event detection
    • Mask type resistance control
    • Mask fit check
    • Oximetry capable
    • DreamMapper patient self-management system compatibility

    DeVilbiss IntelliPAP 2: A Breath of Innovation it is   Composed, assembled, and tried to the most elevated quality by our talented and committed group at our home in Somerset, Pennsylvania, the IntelliPAP 2 Auto CPAP uses licensed innovation.  In sleep technology, it is newly latest advance and it offers effective treatment, maximum comfort and connects ability to monitor therapy wherever you are.


    • Small footprint size (6.1″ x 7.6″)
    • Ultra-Quiet Operation (26.6 dBa)
    • Large color display
    • Clock with wake-up alert function
    • Auto-Adjusting Pressure
    • Heated Humidifier
    • Pulse dose Rainout reduction technology
    • SmartFlex pressure relief
    • Approved for air travel
    • Connect with the free Smart Link App

    How it works:  During a normal breath cycle, patient inhales 33% it exhales 66%. This algorithm is based on natural breathing patterns and it ensures the consistent of bolus humidified air is reached and this process is used at the beginning of inhalation. During exhale silently a valve rotates to reach the room air and it is used to clear the tubes of excess humidification.

    • PulseDose Heated Humidification (optional):  It delivers humidified air only when the patient’s needs it, During inhaling period, humidified air is distributed directly into the mask. During exhalation period, dry, non humidified air is distributed to help eliminate rainout.
    • Unrivalled Quality: Apart from regular cleaning of the filter, we developed and provide the IntelliPAP 2 to be maintenance free for its long life or longer time.
    • Flow Limitation: It is a level of the flow signal and it is used to predict obstructive events and it can from hereditary to snore and hypopnea or apnea.
    • Heated Humidifier: It is used to decrease the overall device footprint but the max surface area, It provides more humidity for your sleep therapy. It is easy to remove the water chamber and it has a stainless steel heat transfer plate and it contains dishwasher safe.

    The SmartLink app also allows users to:

    • Review simple, color-coded feedback on therapy
    • View reports for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly usage
    • Receive notifications for high leak and low usage
    • Receive reminders for replacing supplies such as mask and tubing
    • View help videos for setting up and maintaining the unit