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Mediniq Healthcare Pvt Ltd is providing the advanced medical equipment such as Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm from the world’s trusted brand. We have multibrand in our health care centre with round the clock services; we also provide discounts on the Oxygen concentrators. We are well known for providing Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm; we are also authorised dealers of the world class brands of the Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm like DeVilbiss, Philips, inogen, AirSep available for sale, rent and trail purpose. We have the best dedicated team of Doctors, Nurses, Bio-medical Engineers and MBA’s to fulfill the needs of the customers.

Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm

We have 9-10 liter flow oxygen concentrators i.e  9-10 lpm with the latest features and from brands like DeVilbiss, Invacare, Philips, Respironics, inogen, AirSep. 10 LPM machines are the continuous flow and it is only available as a home unit. It is available in many different features and a wide variety of weights and sizes, selecting the right oxygen flow machine can be a challenge. We are here to help you!

The 10 litre oxygen units range from 50 to 60 pounds and it has oxygen concentration from 87% to 95%. A few of the highest rated 10-liter concentrators include the Invacare Platinum 10, Respironics M10 and AirSep Intensity 10.  You can shop the wide selection of 10 litre flow concentrators available to you at Mediniq Healthcare Pvt Ltd that will help you to take care of your oxygen therapy needs.


Invacare Platinum 10 Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm

The Invacare Platinum Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm gives an appealing high-stream contrasting option to the fluid oxygen frameworks and is outstanding for its unwavering quality, its execution and its esteems. The concentrator unit includes the peaceful operation, a top handle and the base breaks for simply taking care of and a side channel get to the entryway. What’s more, the concentrator is good with the Invacare® Oxygen System.

Features of Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm:

  • Alternative to the fluid frameworks
  • It Delivers the consistent oxygen up to 10 LPM
  • The Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System similarity for the patients with stream rates up to 5 LPM
  • Same stage as the Platinum XL Concentrator you know and trust, with under 10 unique parts from the Invacare® Platinum™ XL Concentrator
  • The Outstanding life cycle costs

Specifications of Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm

Dimensions: 26-3/8″ (H) x 18-3/8″ (W) x 14-3/8″ (D)

Product Weight: 54 lb.

Shipping Product Weight: 60 lb.

Quantity: 1 Per Case

27 Per Pallet

Oxygen: Flow: 10 LPM

Flow Settings: Range: 2-10 LPM

Maximum Outlet Pressure: 9+/-0.5 PSI

Pressure: Relief mechanism: 35 PSI

+/-3.5 PSI

Concentration Levels: 94%-87% At All Flow Rates

Filters: Cabinet

Compressor Inlet

Outlet HEPA

Electrical: Requirements: 120 VAC

+/-10%, 60 HZ


Rated Current Input: 4.0 A

Power Consumption: Average: 585W

Sound Level: 50 dB. Average

Warranty: 3 Years

Respironics M10 Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm :

Respironics M10 Oxygen Concentrator conveys up to 10 litres for every moment of oxygen; this fixation is the most elevated accessible at a restorative review as oxygen focus. The Respironics M10 Oxygen Concentrator is the most practical concentrator for the high oxygen stream patients. Notwithstanding the standard model (#M10600), a unit is accessible with an Oxygen Percentage Indicator (#M10605) that the ultrasonically measures the oxygen yield as an immaculateness sign.

This Respironics Concentrator is built to lessen the cost of giving the oxygen at higher rates and has less part than whatever other concentrator purchased today. Less part and the strong casters, and in addition secured tubing and the electric wires add to the more prominent unwavering quality. Its constancy additionally makes the Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator a standout amongst the most reasonable to possess.

Features of Respironics M10 Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm :

It delivers up to 10 LPM of oxygen by reducing the delivery costs associated with the 5 LPM-and-above oxygen patients. The M10 is engineered to reduce the cost of providing the oxygen at higher litre flow and has fewer parts than any other concentrator on the market. Fewer parts, combined with the greater reliability, it will help you to reduce the expenditure on the accessories and the unnecessary inventory. The M10 is designed to be the highest performing and the most reliable oxygen machine available.

Specification of Respironics M10 Oxygen concentrator 9-10 lpm :

Stream Rate:                            10 LPM in 1 liter additions

Electrical Requirements:            120V/60Hz (±10%)

Oxygen Percentage Indicator:     Green Light more noteworthy than 82%

                                                    Yellow Light between 70-82%

                                                    Red Light under 70%

Oxygen Concentration:    92 +/ – 4% @ 8-10 LPM

                                        94 +/ – 2% @ 3-7 LPM

                                       92 +/ – 4% @ 1-2 LPM

Weight:                53 +/ – 0.5 lbs

Dimensions:                27″ x 19″ x 13″

Capacity/transport temperature:-30 to 160°F

Working temperature:    55 to 90°F

Capacity/transport humidity: Up to 95%, non-consolidating

Working pressure:   10-30 psig

Caution indicators:    High framework weight

                                       Low framework weight

                                       Power disappointment

                                       Low oxygen level

                                       (OPI®model accessible on the M10605 demonstrate as it were)

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